home theater company in ScottsdaleInfinity HD is rapidly growing installation company based out of Scottsdale, AZ serving central Arizona. Founded by Jeremy Wilson. Jeremy an extensive background in live production as well as a/v installation and has years of experience. Infinity HD is committed to assisting you in all your home audio/visual needs

Our Mission

Infinity HD aims to create a unique environment for you, your family and your guests. You will be able to enjoy the technology in your home in a much more simpler or intuitive way. Touchscreen controls and wireless streaming from your portable music players are just a couple of features with the systems we offer at Infinity HD.

What can you expect from Infinity HD Integration?

Infinity HD is a full service company that will consult with you, design your dream home automation and home entertainment system and provide all the components, devices, materials and labor necessary to install it completely. We do all this without your ever having to leave your home or lift a hammer.

Our Process

We complete our projects in 4 phases. Phase 1 consultation, Phase 2 Design, Phase 3 Installation, Phase 4 Service and Warranty.


Most projects bigger than a simple troubleshoot or TV wall mount require a consultation. If we get a phone call, email or text from you requesting our services, our first step is to setup a consultation. This process usually takes less than an hour to complete. We will meet with you in your home and will ask about your lifestyle, what you like to listen to, what TV shows and movies do you like, where in their home you would like to enjoy your favorite music or TV programming. We may also ask you what kind of brands of TV’s, speakers, receivers or media players you prefer, or are used to working with.

We will then go through the house and find any existing wiring we can use, take measurements of dimensions of your home, and make note of any existing audio visual equipment that you may already own. If your house has not been built yet or is a spec home, we will go through the blueprints with you and determine locations for TV’s, speakers, phones, computers, thermostats, lighting dimmers, and security, so that we can plan to pre-wire for all home networking components during the construction phase.


After all the information has been gathered from our initial visit we then take that information and work with our expert system design team, taking into account acoustics, speaker placement, square footage, screen size, viewing distance, ambient sound, ambient light, TV service, internet and power requirements. Then, put together all the design aspects of your home entertainment system into a proposal and get it to you within a week by email or by hand. Modifications may be made to this proposal, and at this stage is the best time to make them.


After the proposal has been accepted and an initial deposit has been made. We then use our team of expert installation technicians and programmers to integrate the system into your home in a timely fashion. After the system has been completed and tested by our team, our project manager will train you on exactly how to use the system, covering every detail from how to turn it on, how to change channels and how to stream music wirelessly from your mobile device. Then, once you are completely satisfied with our service and product. We will collect the remaining balance of the initial proposal.

Service and Warranty

For 30 days following completion of your project. We will provide 100% free service for any faulty product, wiring or programming that was purchased and provided by us. After that time we have several warranty options for you to choose from that will fit your needs and budget.


Looking to bring your home into the digital age? Infinity HD, a professional home theater company in Scottsdale, can install any system to fit your home. Call Infinity HD at (480) 427-5122 or email us now to receive an in-home estimate.