Home Automation Services

6 Innovative Home Automation Services and Features

Home Automation ServicesHome automation is the reality of many decades of innovation, helped along by emergent technologies like smartphones, WiFi, GPS and connected sensors. Thanks to all the features home automation services can offer, it embodies the gleaming vision of the future suggested by 1950s forward thinkers like Walt Disney and a tongue-in-cheek Tex Avery.

But not everybody is aware of what home automation is, what it can do and how home automation installation works. To clear all this up and steer Phoenix-area residents towards the best home automation system and products, here is our helpful guide to home automation. Read more

rock outdoor speaker system

Outdoor Speaker System Planning for Phoenix Homeowners

Outdoor Speaker SystemSummer here in Arizona means a lot of things; the long, hot days warrant spending plenty of time relaxing by the pool with friends and family. With pool party season in Phoenix already underway, it’s definitely time to make sure you have the right outdoor speaker system in place for all of your entertaining needs.

But what good is a speaker system if it’s planned so poorly you can’t hear it? Read on for tips on how to best set up the outdoor speaker placement in your Phoenix backyard so that you can enjoy your favorite pool party tunes all summer long. Read more

Home Networking Issues

5 Biggest Home Networking Issues & How To Fix Them

Home Networking IssuesSetting up a new home network can be a challenge, particularly if it’s been a while since you last had to do so. There seem to be new advances in home networking equipment surfacing every day, and unless you’re giving tech news your full attention, you’re unlikely to know everything about it.

Read on for some tips to help fix some of the most common home networking issues you’re likely to come across when setting up your new network. Read more

phoenix home theater project

How To Plan Your Phoenix Home Theater Project [Homeowners Guide]

phoenix home theater projectThere are a lot of details to take into account when planning your Phoenix home theater project. Most home theater systems are composed of many different audio visual components, control systems, furniture, networking devices and lighting systems. Design aspects of media rooms include the size, speaker placement, home theater room screen size and type, acoustics and surround sound configuration.

Don’t become overwhelmed by all of the planning needed to create your vision. Just start from the beginning and your vision will be complete in no time. Below are some resources to start your home theater room project.
Read more

phoenix home theater contractors

Phoenix Home Theater Contractors Used for a Proper Install

phoenix home theater contractorsDesigning a home theater room from scratch is an excellent way to include all of the features that you want. Creating your perfect entertainment room can be done during a custom home build, or just an interior remodel. When deciding on every feature you want, just remember that there are different Phoenix home theater contractors that you will need for each specific feature you want included. Finding the best companies that provide home theater solutions in Phoenix isn’t that hard, if you know what you want. See the various contractors below that you will need for the different parts of your home theater installation project. Read more

how to setup a home theater room

How to Setup a Home Theater Room For the Best Experience

how to setup a home theater roomWhen setting up your home theater, you need to take into account all of the other components that will be involved. Will you need surround sound, a control system, what lighting to use and so forth. These different elements of a home theater system should not be taken lightly, as they can help boost every aspect of your system. You should take the time to figure out how to setup a home theater room for the best experience possible. If you run into any issues, a company that does home theater design and installation in Phoenix will gladly help you out.  Read more

Home Theater Room Screen Size

How to Select the Best Home Theater Room Screen Size

Home Theater Room Screen SizeThis is a very important decision. You can either use a projector screen or an HDTV. Each option has it’s pros and cons. If cost is your primary concern and you don’t need a screen size bigger than 65”, we suggest you go with an HDTV.

If you are trying to meet a tight budget and your home theater room screen size needs to be bigger than 80”, then a projector and screen combination may be the more cost effective choice. Why the difference? Consider this. The labor cost for a screen and projector installation is much more than the labor cost for mounting a flat screen TV. This is due to the additional cabling and hardware involved with projectors and screens. However, HDTV prices have come down considerably in the past few years are very affordable at smaller sizes. But the price for and HDTV increases exponentially as the screen size gets bigger. Read more

articulating tv wall mount installation in north phoenix

How to Install an Articulating TV Mount By Infinity HD

How to Install an Articulating TV Mount By Infinity HD

Over the years, Infinity HD has come across many problems homeowners face with installing new TV and entertainment setups. From our experiences, we have learned how to install an articulating TV mount in any possible scenario to bring out the best viewing enjoyment you can have. View the video above, and the pictures below to see how we fulfilled a customers need for North Phoenix home theatre installation services.  Read more

cctv security cameras for home

Industry Leading CCTV Security Cameras for Home Protection

cctv security cameras for homeA closed circuit television, or CCTV camera system is one of the best ways to protect your property and loved ones. CCTV security cameras for home use have been around for decades to catch perpetrators in the act. They allow you to know immediately if there has been a break-in or theft on your property. They also record any activity that may have taken place before or after the act. This will give crucial evidence to law enforcement agencies allowing them to track down and catch the perpetrator.

I’m sure you have had or have heard of someone having the experience of being robbed in the past. A new flat screen TV is stolen from the patio for instance. So, you call the police and report the crime. They come out, ask some questions, have a look around and write up their report. Read more