Ultimate Guide to TV Mounting

The Ultimate TV Mounting Guide – By Infinity HD

Ultimate Guide to TV MountingWhen a homeowner purchases a new, state-of-the-art television, proper installation of the unit is vital so that the owner can truly enjoy all the perks. Even if you consider yourself a great do-it-yourselfer, there are several specific items this TV mounting guide will assist you with. These include the type of mounts to use, the proper installation height and location that will help you in professionally mounting a TV.

Highlighted below are valuable pieces of information and expert tips to give you the knowledge necessary to make sure your television mounting project is completed correctly the first time. Read more

google TV installation

Google TV Installation: Android’s Version of Video Streaming

google TV installationThere are two types of people in this world, and some people who are in transition fit into both categories. One type likes technology that is intuitive smooth and easy to understand, and just works out of the box. The other is the person that likes technology and likes to tinker with it. This person likes the control that technology offers and understands technology at its foundation. I’m talking about the difference between Mac people and PC people. Read more

Audio Format in Phoenix

Surround Sound System Audio Format in Phoenix Homes

Audio Format in PhoenixAre you looking for a surround sound system audio format in Phoenix to compliment your Valley of the Sun home? Do you have questions about which different types of audio formats are available? Well, there are dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of audio format types out there. Since the first phonograph player invented by Thomas Edison himself in 1877 we have seen sound reproduced in a variety of mediums from smoke etched cylinders, to vinyl records, to magnetic tapes and optical Cd’s. And since the 90’s almost every device that reads one of these audio formats also has a few ways of getting that audio signal to the speakers so you can hear the music. Read more

3GS Battery Problems

How To Deal With Your iPhone 3GS Battery Problems

3GS Battery ProblemsIf you have owned an iPhone 3GS or are planning on getting one soon, please consider doing a little research before your purchase. Just make sure you are well informed of some of the challenges that other iPhone 3GS users have had. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Apple products. In fact here at Infinity HD we recommend Apple based solutions for our clients home theater systems almost every day. In my opinion, there has never been an easier to use, more powerful and intuitive communication device than the iPhone. So props to Apple. But I do have to tell you, that if you are planning on getting one soon or already own an iPhone 3gs, there is one main feature you should consider…battery life. Read more

Importance of RTA (Real Time Analysis) For Home Theater

RTA Analysis Station

RTA is an acronym for real time analysis. In the home theater world, when we talk about RTA we are talking about real time audio analysis. Why would we want to analyze audio? Because in order to get accurate and clear sound from you home theater system, first you have to find out why it’s not sounding accurate. In order to adjust your home theater system and get it sounding the best we possible can, first we have to use some high tech instruments to “listen” to what it is doing. Read more

Integrate Apple TV

How to Integrate Apple TV With Your Home Theater System

Integrate Apple TVApple TV is a great device that will bring your home theater into the digital video streaming age. Most of my clients have heard of Apple TV but don’t know exactly what it is. When talking about Netflix and Youtube with my clients, the second I suggest Apple TV to them they respond with “But, we already have a TV. I don’t want to buy another one”. It’s okay, you don’t need to worry. Apple TV is not a new TV nor is it going to make your old TV obsolete. So what is exactly is it and how do I integrate Apple TV into my everyday life? Apple TV is a neat shiny little black device with three connectors on the back, and kind of resembles a coaster. But please don’t mistake it for one. Read more

Home Theater Room Flooring

Why Home Theater Room Flooring is Key to Great Sound

Home Theater Room FlooringYour floors are going to have an impact on the sound. Mainly what they are made of is going to partially determine how acoustically active or dead your room is going to be. Meaning, how long the sound will perpetuate while it is reflecting off all of the surfaces in your room. If your home theater room flooring is carpeted, you are going to have a somewhat quiet room. The carpet will absorb most of the frequencies that come into contact with it. There is one exception thought, the bass frequencies or low end for the most part will not be effected by the carpet. Read more

Acoustic wall paneling

How Acoustic Wall Paneling Improves Home Theater Sound Quality

Acoustic wall panelingAcoustic wall paneling has two purposes, to diffuse and to absorb. Each type of acoustic treatment can be used more or less depending on the acoustic response of the room. Acoustic wall paneling should be a main consideration when designing a home theater or surround sound system.

If you have listened to your home theater system and have calibrated the receiver and amps and you notice that the dialog or vocals in music is not easy to understand then you may be in need of some absorption materials. Home depot makes very cost effective sound board that can be purchased in big 4×8 panels. If you have an upholster line these with some decorative cloth you can hang these acoustic panels on the wall. Or you can pay premium for them from a manufacturer. Read more

HDMI Cable

How Your HDMI Cable Will Reduce Wiring Clutter

HDMI CableSo you just purchased your new receiver. You bought all the cable that the sales person at the store told you to buy. You have totally dismantled your old setup and there are wires everywhere. And looking down on this pile of copper/plastic spaghetti, you wonder how you got yourself into this mess. Well don’t worry. If you have just upgraded all of your equipment, then chances are you don’t have to hook up any where near the amount of cables that were there before. Read more