surround sound placement of speakers

Best Strategy for Surround Sound Placement of Speakers

surround sound placement of speakersOkay last blog I got very in depth with the subject of sub-woofer placement. This time I want to talk about the optimal choices for your surround sound placement of speakers.

In a basic 5.1 surround sound setup you have 6 speakers, the 5 full range speakers and .1 being the sub-woofer. There are a front left and front right speaker, a center speaker and a surround left and surround right speaker. Alternatively you could have a 7.1 in which case there is one more pair of left and right speakers in the rear. Read more

Best Subwoofer Placement

The Best Subwoofer Placement For Optimal Audio Output

Best Subwoofer PlacementOkay, well my last post was on TV placement, I figured the next obvious thing to write about would be speaker placement. Let’s figure out the best subwoofer placement for your surround sound system, since it is such a main component to a great audio experience.

There are many different types of subwoofers. Some can be powered (active). In which case they have their own built in amplifier that simply takes the sub output from your receiver via an RCA coax cable. Some can be be passive. These will need a separate amplifier to power them. The easiest way to spot an active sub is to look at the back and see if it has a power cable coming out the end of it or if it has a three prong power connector. If it doesn’t have any power input and simply has some red and black speaker jacks then it is passive. Read more

TV Placement in Phoenix

Tips On Wall Mount TV Placement in Phoenix

TV Placement in PhoenixWhen installing your Flatscreen, TV placement can be a simple decision or a very difficult one. Almost every time I go into a customers house to install their TV, I will ask them the standard question “where would you like it?”. They lead me into a room and go up to the wall, and then invariably almost always tell me “oh about this high” (holding their hand at shoulder height). It never fails. They always want it 5 to 6 feet high on the wall or eye level. Read more

Slingbox Remote Video Streaming

What is Slingbox Remote Video Streaming?

Slingbox Remote Video StreamingImagine this…Your on your business trip and it’s been a long day at the conference. You finally get back home to your hotel room and flip on the TV just to wind down before you go to bed. But it’s 11pm, and there isn’t much on but some old movies and cheesy infomercials. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have the premium channels you pay for back at home. You just remember that before you left home you had set your DVR up to record the Giants game. Read more

Netflix Not Supported

Why Is Netflix Not Supported On Your Smart TV?

Netflix Not SupportedIn a perfect world, all TV’s would support all of your favorite streaming video apps and there would be no legal or compatibility issues between manufacturers and streaming content providers. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world. If you just set up your Mitsubishi TV and you are browsing though the available apps on the TV internet section, you may be asking yourself “but where is the Netflix?” Read more

up conversion feature

Why You Need the Up-Conversion Feature on Your Receiver

up conversion featureIf you don’t know what up-conversion is yet, you may want to familiarize yourself with it before you go shopping for a new A/V receiver. Your receiver has several tasks including managing all of your audio sources, managing all of your video sources, converting 5.1 digital to analog audio, amplifying audio signals, receiving radio signals and distributing video to name a few. With all that’s going on in the receiver it’s important to select the right one for the job. Read more

home theater system video formats

The Best Home Theater System Video Formats to Use

home theater system video formatsIn order to make sure you are getting using the best home theater system video formats, it is important to know a couple things about screen resolution and how it will effect the way you watch TV or a movie. Lets start with a couple different video formats that are supported by TV’s on the market today: 1080i, 1080p you may be hearing these terms a lot lately especially in reference to HD television sets. Read more

.1 surround sound

An In-Depth Explanation of .1 Surround Sound

.1 surround soundI’m an audio geek so this stuff fascinates me. I learn something new everyday about audio while reading tech articles. Here’s something I learned, or you could say I figured out today.

You are familiar with the 5.1 or 7.1 home theater formats for surround audio? Well have you ever wondered why there is a .1 or .2 at the end of the number. I mean after all, the subwoofer is a speaker too! So why don’t they just count it in with the rest of the surround sound speakers and call a 5.1 surround system a 6 speaker surround system. Well, because this stuff fascinates me. I had to dig deeper into .1 surround sound. Read more