Programmable Harmony Universal Remote

An Inside Look at the Programmable Harmony Remote

Programmable Harmony Universal Remote You sit down on the couch to watch TV, a movie or Netflix. You find yourself reaching for a remote that is only one of many remotes forming an array of control devices that are cluttering up your coffee table. It’s an eyesore so you put them in a drawer when you clean up or have company over. Only to find that they have migrated back out a day later. You have the universal remote that the satellite or cable company provided you, but you still have to revert back to the original remotes for specific tasks. Watching TV should not be this difficult. Read more

types of universal remotes

Types of Universal Remotes You Need to Be Using

types of universal remotesThere are many different types of universal remotes. If you have Direct TV or Cox chances are you already have one in your house. These remotes come standard with the installation of a satellite or cable box. And if you don’t have one, they can be found on Ebay for as little as a few dollars. But if you really want an easier way to control your home theater there are a couple of gadgets out there that can get the job done and save you the hassle. Read more

What is OLED TV Technology

What is OLED TV Technology and is it Worth the Money?

What is OLED TV TechnologyTrying to find a TV that not only fits your home, but also one that has a crisp and clear picture can be difficult with so many options available. When you are in the market for a new TV, make sure to view every option that is available to you. This will take a bit of research on your end or even going to Best Buy and perusing the TV section. This is a good time to catch up on all the new features and of course, technology. Read more

Custom TV Install

Custom TV Install Tips & Advice from Infinity HD

Custom TV InstallIf your home was built in the 90’s or even the 00’s, then there is a good chance that your entertainment center has a big hole where a rear projection TV was meant to belong. Now, if you are upgrading your home theater system to a larger yet flatter LCD or LED TV, your old entertainment center may present a bit of a challenge when attempting to install the TV on the wall to get that modern look your may be looking for. Read more