Home Theater Installation Specialists in PhoenixWhether you are looking to purchase a new HDTV for the family or finally building that dream entertainment space or man cave, you may want to educate yourself on home theater design essentials. We have listed a few questions you may not have thought of yet with so many variables to consider.

First things first, you need to decide the focal point of the room which is the viewing screen. Do you want a big screen HDTV or a Projection Screen? What kind of seating arrangement are you using, couches, home theater recliner chairs, or both? Do the walls in this room need acoustical treatment such as accented absorption or diffusion panels ? How will ambient lighting affect the image on the screen? What will you primarily be watching, and how will you be listening to it? Will there be ceiling speakers with a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system? Then finally how will you control it all with ease?

Then there are the operating components to consider. What kind of receiver will you need? Will you expand into other entertainment areas, such as a patio requiring zones to be designated with a control center connected to the receiver? What kind of subwoofer and speakers will be needed to get the desired effect you need for the room? Are you streaming devices, connecting cable or satellite, or a combination of sorts? Do you want these devices displayed on a well placed piece of furniture or hidden in a closet or enclave nearby?

INFINITY HD was started by an expert home entertainment system designer who can custom design any configuration to fit your needs as well as your wants. We hand pick and train our techs with our creative knowledge and 22+ combined years of experience to think outside the box to create that dream entertainment space into reality for our clients. We specialize in technology integration and home automation always educating ourselves on the latest technology available to better build creative user friendly entertainment systems. We stand behind our expert installations offering an automatic one year service guarantee with every home entertainment system we build.

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Below we have included some basic knowledge of the components you will need in any home entertainment system:


A receiver is the heart and brain of any home theater system. The receiver brings together all your devices into one single interface that integrates them seamlessly with each other by processing multiple video and audio formats to one HDTV or Projector. Receivers have multichannel amplifiers built in that will power each speaker in the surround sound system of your choice. Some receivers also have built in radio tuners to access FM, AM, or Internet Radio stations.

Note: Since receivers are the heart and brain of your system, and due to our many years of working with various market receivers, we only recommend regarded name brand receivers with price options that can fit any home theater budget. Not all receivers work well with all surround sound speaker systems. We recommend taking advantage of our free in-home consultation before purchasing equipment separately. Schedule an appointment today! INFINITY HD (480) 427-5122


There are many types of speakers to choose from on the market. There are tower speakers, subwoofers, in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, satellite speakers and bookshelf speakers. You may use a combination of any of these types of room speakers to form a custom surround sound system using a 5.1, 7.1, or 9.2 configurations. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

Most surround sound speakers are passive, meaning they need to be connected to a surround sound receiver to work. Because there are so many market options that do not all integrate well with just any receiver, we recommend taking advantage of our free in-home consultation with a design team member before purchasing any equipment separately.


Seating is an important part of any home theater room. If you are building a true theater experience or dream man cave, reclining stadium seating chairs may be an obvious choice. They come powered or lever controlled. Home theater chair combinations can be custom tailored to suit the dimensions of your room, and come in almost any color.

Acoustic Wall Treatment

In order to achieve the best possible sound out of your home theater system the acoustic treatment of a room is as important as the surround sound speakers themselves. What kind of walls do you have in your home theater room? How will sound be reflected and absorbed by the different surfaces in the room? INFINITY HD will help you evaluated these variables and create a custom acoustic treatment plan to ad diffusion or absorption panels where necessary, and be sure they add to the accented look of the room. In custom designing your entertainment space we will create a pleasing sophisticated look as well as being fully functional.

Note: For those clients who are custom building their house, our design team works with you and your contractors to get the most out of any entertainment room. We help you design the best place for the electrical and Ethernet wiring as well as creating the best sound quality out of how the room is built for the acoustics. Give us a call for an appointment with our custom design team. (480) 427-5122

Lighting and Ambient Lighting Control

Lighting control is as simple as a light switch in the room or as complex as several programmable dimmers to create lighting scenes customized for you. Ambient lighting control allows you to automate closing blinds or window shutters to achieve the maximum image quality for your projector screen or HDTV.

To HDTV or to Projection Screen, that is the question:

Which HDTV or Projector and Screen combination should you choose? HDTV’s offer higher contrast pictures, and are much brighter than projector and screen combinations. However, projector and screen combinations fill a larger room and give a full theater feeling to your entertainment space. Although with projected screens, the ambient lighting in the room does greatly affect the picture. We recommend projector and screen combinations to also have the ambient lighting of the room controlled to receive the best picture the projector equipment is built for having.

HDTV’s are a much better choice for well lit rooms and outdoor theater systems. Today they are being produced in larger and larger models. Yet, projector and screen combinations are a great choice if your desired screen size cannot be achieved with a large LCD TV. This choice is ultimately yours to contemplate. However, you will have peace of mind knowing INFINITY HD will custom create and install the perfect audio visual integrated system around your HDTV or Projector and Screen to get the best possible picture and sound out of the equipment you choose. Plus we guarantee our Phoenix home theater design and installation and products automatically for one year after our work is done.

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Note: INFINITY HD is a Phoenix Authorized Electronics Dealer who offers at retail and often below retail price for audio and visual equipment. Equipment purchased and installed through us is automatically guaranteed for one year for product and installation service. We do not guarantee any products purchased elsewhere.

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