When David bought his home in Cave Creek he had big plans for it, but he needed advise on a home theater system and patio speakers. The room had a focal point fireplace that was far too tall for a TV. And the existing home entertainment niche was facing away from most of the furniture; his house had high ceilings with decorative natural wood beams. Throughout the design process there were many considerations made, the final result was to work with his contractor to build a new entertainment niche and a wall that would face diagonally towards the center of the room. It would have a fan cooled cabinet space to house the equipment below the TV. The center speaker would be external type and sit above the niche. The left and right front speakers and the surround sound would be 8” round flush mount in-ceiling type and the powered subwoofer would be wireless allowing it to be placed anywhere there was an electrical outlet. As for the patio speakers we chose external speakers. Since the house was finished and dry wall was already up, we would need to retro-fit the cables to the surround sound and patio speakers. Luckily we only had to make a few holes to get cables into the void. Even though the house had a flat roof, there was plenty of space above the ceiling for speakers and cables. External patio and in-ceiling surround speakers were installed. After the niche was dry-walled and painted we mounted the 65” Samsung TV, Hooked up the Denon receiver and programmed the control system. The coolest feature about the new Denon X3000 receiver we used, was that it allowed David to play music from his iPhone wirelessly to the receiver allowing him to control music for his patio and surround sound system directly from his mobile device.