Client: Joe S.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Video Needs: Upgrade existing rear projection TV for 90” flat screen LCD. Conceal HDMI cable from closet to TV.

Audio Needs: 5.1 Surround Sound bar installation. Conceal 5.1 audio cables from closet to sound bar.

Additional Features: Components were to be located in rack below staircase. IR repeater system was needed to relay control signals to the equipment rack located in the closet. Drywall niche and cabinetry had to be removed and filled in.

Project Time: 1 week

Consultation Needed: Yes

Additional Contractors Needed: Electrician, Handyman

Joe wanted a better home theater experience but was limited in space. His only wall available for a TV in his living room was located right below the double staircase leading up to the loft and master bedroom.

This wall had a custom cabinet and an entertainment niche built in. The size of the niche was limiting. He already had a 65” rear projection TV fitting snuggly in there, and the largest TV that would fit was a 70”.

Joe wanted to go larger. We knew that this job for a flat screen TV and sound bar installation in Phoenix was going to be challenging, but we were definitely up for it.

We suggested the idea of filling in all the cabinetry and niche with drywall and mounting a larger TV flat on the wall. The cabinets would need to be pulled out, framing would have to be put in, and the whole structure would have to be dry walled, textured and painted.

Our Phoenix TV installation company worked closely with our handyman to complete this portion of the project. After the new wall was finished, we ran our video and audio cables and hung a 90” Sharp Aquos 6 Series flat screen HDTV. Below that we mounted an Artison Studio 55B SoundBar with custom grill to match the TV.