Bill wanted to turn his Living room in a theater room with full surround sound, but didn’t want any of the components to be seen other than the TV and speakers. He had Cox Cable with DVR service and wanted to add in an Apple TV and BluRay Player. He also wanted a control system that would make the whole thing easy to use. He was also unsure of the size of TV to use. After talking with him about different options and budget considerations we came up with complete home theater system that included all his requirements. Luckily, he had a coat closet not too far from the living room where we able to house his components. We suggested a Samsung 65” HDTV as it would be large enough to be viewed from the couch, but would leave room for in wall speakers. We also suggested a URC control system that would allow him to use his home theater with the touch of a button. In addition to the in-wall left, center and right speakers we also chose a wired subwoofer and rear in-ceiling speakers to complete the 5.1 surround sound. Concealing the cables didn’t require much dry wall cutting mainly because it was a single story house with ample attic space. The equipment rack we chose fit neatly into the closet and had wheels to allow the whole system to be pulled out and worked on. The remote control communicated with the devices using radio frequency instead of IR allowing the closet door kept closed. We calibrated the sound to accommodate for the acoustics of the room, and adjusted the screen picture for ambient lighting. The control system had very simple and easy to interface that Bill was able to understand and begin watching TV with virtually no training. In the end we were very happy with the system and the way it turned out.