Alan had just moved into a spec home he had built in the beginning of 2015 in north Scottsdale. Thanks to his forethought, Alan had us come in and wire his home earlier in the year during the construction phase of the property. Based on his requirements, we wired for 5.1 Surround Sound in the Living Room as well 5.1 Surround Sound the Loft. Not knowing whether he wanted to wall mount a TV in the Living Room, we also ran a 1” conduit flexible tubing from the fireplace to the wall where the entertainment cabinet was going to be. Luckily we were able to pull all the wiring before any dry wall went up. Once the home was completed and ready to move in, Alan used one of our seasonal promotional coupons he purchased off Angie’s List to have us install his new 55″ Samsung LED HDTV. The job would have been a 4 hour project, but due to the fact the room already had flexible conduit ran behind the walls, we were able to complete mounting the TV and concealing the cable in less than an hour.