When Michael called us in for a consultation at his sun lakes home and wanted an entertainment niche with a concealed 5.1 surround sound and 65” HDTV mounted on the wall, we were very excited to begin designing the system. Before we could begin work, there were many things to consider. He had just purchased the house as a winter vacation home and it needed renovations. He had hired other contractors that would be working alongside us painting, wiring in lighting fixtures and installing trim boards and cabinets. He gave us a move-in date of 1 month and we needed to plan and work with the schedules of the other contractors to get the job done on time. During framing stage of the entertainment niche we were able to conceal our HDMI, audio return, network and control cables. While dry wall was going up on the niche, we ran our surround sound cables for the 8” in-wall and in ceiling Polk Audio LS series speakers. There were no available closets for the surround sound receiver and satellite box to fit in so we had to find a different solution. The hallway had a cabinet and small granite countertop, the cabinet above the countertop had enough space to house the equipment and allow doors to be kept closed we installed the equipment there. As soon as the niche was textured and painted we mounted the TV. Then we installed the control system which had RF ability allowing it to communicate with the components through walls. The Polk Audio LS in wall and in ceiling speakers were phenomenal in sound quality and the Samsung 8000 series 65” HDTV had crystal clear image.