When John asked us to mount his TV above his fireplace with in ceiling surround sound it presented us with a challenge we are quite familiar with, which is how to conceal the cables and how to mount the TV without it being too high. Fortunately for John we have many years of retro-fitting experience. The 60” LED HDTV he wanted wall mounted needed AC Electrical power, High Definition HDMI cable and Audio Return for the surround sound system. All these cables needed to be hidden somehow, and the TV needed to be mounted above a fireplace that had a pretty high mantle. With the TV position we chose to center the TV on above the mantle and get it as close to the mantle as possible without overlapping it. This allowed for a proper viewing height that wouldn’t require strain for the viewer. The components were to be placed in the corner which is where the cables needed to be ran. We carefully opened up each point where there was a framing stud and drilled holes to allow cables to pass through. After this was done the wall was patched and painted to match texture and color. A similar hole had to be cut near the ceiling to conceal speaker cables. 5 round ceiling speakers were cut in the drywall and wired to the receiver in the corner. The Subwoofer was close enough to the receiver that it didn’t need any retro-fitting work to get signal to it. After we got the whole system hooked up we calibrated the speakers for the room and adjusted the TV picture to accommodate for ambient lighting. In the end we were very pleased with the result and the surround sound system sounded amazing.