Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV

What Determines the Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV?

Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TVThere are many reasons to install a new flat screen television in your home, not the least of them for the excitement, satisfaction and enjoyment. Mounting a flat screen on the wall, however, can pose many difficulties, and just because it is aesthetically pleasing, that does not mean it would work well in your home. In fact, there are many things to keep in mind before even trying to put a television up.

One of the biggest of these issues is the cost to wall mount a flat screen TV in the first place, which can get a little steep if you are trying to do it yourself or are not working with the right professional. As a result, when trying to take on a new flat screen mounting project, you should use the following points to guide you, so that the process goes more smoothly for everyone. Read more

TV Placement in Phoenix

Tips On Wall Mount TV Placement in Phoenix

TV Placement in PhoenixWhen installing your Flatscreen, TV placement can be a simple decision or a very difficult one. Almost every time I go into a customers house to install their TV, I will ask them the standard question “where would you like it?”. They lead me into a room and go up to the wall, and then invariably almost always tell me “oh about this high” (holding their hand at shoulder height). It never fails. They always want it 5 to 6 feet high on the wall or eye level. Read more

Custom TV Install

Custom TV Install Tips & Advice from Infinity HD

Custom TV InstallIf your home was built in the 90’s or even the 00’s, then there is a good chance that your entertainment center has a big hole where a rear projection TV was meant to belong. Now, if you are upgrading your home theater system to a larger yet flatter LCD or LED TV, your old entertainment center may present a bit of a challenge when attempting to install the TV on the wall to get that modern look your may be looking for. Read more