Phoenix TV Mounting SpecialistsWall-mounted flat screen televisions add a modern, clean, and elegant look to any home entertainment system. Mounting a TV on the wall removes the need for bulky cabinets as home entertainment furniture. With a clean wall-mounted TV, now you have options. You can choose a smaller more discrete piece of elegant furniture from the perspective of design for the room rather than function for the television. In this option we recommend having the wires concealed in the wall that come out to hidden outlets now behind that elegant piece of furniture where your streaming, cable, and satellite devices now have a clean new place without bulky wires showing.

Another modern option growing very fast in popularity is to have all wires in the wall concealed without any furniture below the television, but having all components wirelessly mounted in a rack that is hidden in a nearby closet. What? That’s right, just a clean mounted flat screen on the wall with one universal remote hanging out wherever you want it in the house. No furniture, and no visual components in the way gives an even more modern and futuristic style to the room.

Deciding which TV wall-mounting option best suits the design of your entertainment space is really the most difficult part. Then there is deciding what kind of mount fits your viewing needs. There are fixed, tilt, and full motion articulating mounts that allow you to move the position of the TV which solves any floor design problems, or party planning options where you may want to reposition background family slides set to music for example. You can even mount a large flat screen TV in the corner, and then move it against the wall as you need. You then have the perfect entertainment system set at the perfect eye-catching level with open floor space ready and available.

Fixed Flat Wall-Mounts

These mounts are the simplest mounts out there and often they are the most discrete. They allow the TV to sit nearly flush against the wall with minimal spacing. The only adjustment on these mounts is left and right movement to center the TV on the wall. One thing to consider when using one of these mounts is if your TV has HDMI connections on the side or the back. HDMI connectors sticking out of the back of your flat screen TV will have to be positioned at a 90 degree angle and can interfere with proper mounting to the wall. This could also permanently damage the connectors on your TV or your cables due to the stressed imposed on them. These flat fixed wall-mounts are best for HDMI connections located on the side of a flat screen TV.

Tilt Wall-Mounts

This mounts is great for situations where the TV is going to be mounted higher than usual such as above a fireplace. The TV will be able to be angled down for proper viewing. These mounts generally have a higher wall clearance. This places the TV further out a bit which allows more space for cables plugged in behind them.

Articulating / Full Motion Wall-Mounts

These are the most versatile mounts available in the market, and our most popular option. They allow the TV to be mounted in a wide variety of angles and locations. You can have a large flat screen TV in a corner or floating inside an entertainment niche to be pulled out and point anywhere in the room allowing multiple viewing angles. Many of our clients like this option with open floor plan living rooms that connect to the kitchen. The TV can easily be moved to be watched from anywhere in the room.

Motorized Full Motion Wall-Mounts

These Mounts were almost a necessity 10 years ago when flat screen Plasma TV’s weighed 400 lbs. However, these days flat screen TV’s are much lighter and the technology put into the TV mount hardware is far superior. TV mounts can be very agile and allow manual movement with nothing more than the force of one finger. Viewing positions can be programmed into the mount so you can effortlessly select which position you want and have the TV automatically go back in perfect position.

In Wall Full Motion Motions

You may want your TV to move around freely to accommodate multiple viewing positions but want it to sit snuggly against the wall when not in use. In wall full motion mounts allow the best of both words. The arms of the mount fit right inside a box that is cut into the wall and hidden behind the TV. The back of the TV can literally sit right against the wall, or be pulled out to accommodate multiple viewing positions. (Note: If you are considering one of these mounts during a renovation or construction phase of your home, please consult with an Infinity HD Representative right away! There are specific construction specifications necessary for proper installation of one of these mounts needed during the framing stage of your project.)

Ceiling Mounts

Ceiling mounts are similar to flat mounts, except your TV will be hanging from a pole attached to the ceiling. This is very similar to the way ceiling fans and hanging light fixtures are installed. These mounts help proper viewing distances especially in large rooms or outdoor living areas.

Folding Bed Mounts

Folding bed mounts are motorized mounts that conceal your TV under your bed. They lift up the TV and place it right in front of you. These have become popular with our disabled clients or those visually impaired who like their TV to be close at hand at the push of a button, and out of sight at their leisure.

Pop-Up TV Mounts

Pop-up TV mounts allow TV’s to be concealed inside furniture anywhere in your home. By remote control, a motor will lift the TV out of the custom made cabinet to a proper viewing height. These mounts are great if you prefer to completely transform the area into a home theater room and then back to an elegant living space at the press of a button. Pop-up TV mounts can be designed into any piece of furniture. Infinity HD works with the custom cabinet maker to easily create what you like in any custom wood to match the look you want for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will there be cables visible once the TV is on the Wall?

A: As long as your home is built with 2×4 framing construction the cables will be completely concealed in the wall.

Q: Can you mount my TV above my fireplace?

A: Yes, We can mount a TV to almost any surface, concealing cables however may only be possible on certain types of fireplace construction call us for more details.

Q: I want a TV on my Patio but I’m afraid of it getting damaged or stolen is there a way to protect my TV?

A: Yes, mounting brackets have locking mechanisms that make them very difficult to be removed without special tools. There are also TV covers that protect your TV from the elements such as dust or moisture.

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