Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV

What Determines the Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV?

Cost to Wall Mount a Flat Screen TVThere are many reasons to install a new flat screen television in your home, not the least of them for the excitement, satisfaction and enjoyment. Mounting a flat screen on the wall, however, can pose many difficulties, and just because it is aesthetically pleasing, that does not mean it would work well in your home. In fact, there are many things to keep in mind before even trying to put a television up.

One of the biggest of these issues is the cost to wall mount a flat screen TV in the first place, which can get a little steep if you are trying to do it yourself or are not working with the right professional. As a result, when trying to take on a new flat screen mounting project, you should use the following points to guide you, so that the process goes more smoothly for everyone.

TV Placement

Where you choose to place the television will obviously have a pretty significant effect on the cost of the mounting. Choosing a crowded wall space with a lot wiring and decoration to skirt around will, of course, lead to more work and potentially higher costs, as could deciding to install the flat screen high up on the wall.

In addition to cost, the placement of your TV could also influence safety. Be sure to place your television in a space where it won’t easily be bumped into by playing children or passersby. Doing so will protect both your electronic investment and your beloved from harm.

Size of the TV Mounting Brackets

If your brackets are too big, your wall mounting could be even further complicated, which will lead to some higher costs for sure. The size of the mounting brackets often has to do with the type and size of the television you are attempting to mount, so keep that in mind when choosing your next flat screen.

Does the Wall Need Modifications?

If your wall needs some adjustment or modification to accommodate your flat screen TV, then you should definitely be prepared for some higher costs. Anytime you have to make a physical amendment to the home itself, higher installation costs are pretty much expected, which makes choosing the perfect wall for your TV that much more important.

Hide the Wiring

Having wires leaking out the bottom of your wall mounted television is unsightly, and you should factor that into the cost of your TV installation. However, once the wires are tucked away, it increases the entire look and feel of the room, and can be an additional bump up for your family’s overall safety.

Learn More About Wall Mounting Your TV Today

Due to the nature of the project, it is not recommended that you attempt to mount your flat screen television on your own. Rather, you should look to a Phoenix TV wall mounting specialists to handle the job for you without incurring any unnecessary costs. Not only will these professionals be able to install your flat screen correctly, but you will not have to worry about the unnecessary risks that can come with trying to mount your own TV DIY-style.


Get the best TV wall mounting strategy for your home entertainment set up. Request a free estimate or call Infinity HD today at (480) 787-0443.

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