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google TV installation

Google TV Installation: Android’s Version of Video Streaming

google TV installationThere are two types of people in this world, and some people who are in transition fit into both categories. One type likes technology that is intuitive smooth and easy to understand, and just works out of the box. The other is the person that likes technology and likes to tinker with it. This person likes the control that technology offers and understands technology at its foundation. I’m talking about the difference between Mac people and PC people. Read more

Slingbox Remote Video Streaming

What is Slingbox Remote Video Streaming?

Slingbox Remote Video StreamingImagine this…Your on your business trip and it’s been a long day at the conference. You finally get back home to your hotel room and flip on the TV just to wind down before you go to bed. But it’s 11pm, and there isn’t much on but some old movies and cheesy infomercials. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have the premium channels you pay for back at home. You just remember that before you left home you had set your DVR up to record the Giants game. Read more

Netflix Not Supported

Why Is Netflix Not Supported On Your Smart TV?

Netflix Not SupportedIn a perfect world, all TV’s would support all of your favorite streaming video apps and there would be no legal or compatibility issues between manufacturers and streaming content providers. Unfortunately we don’t live in that world. If you just set up your Mitsubishi TV and you are browsing though the available apps on the TV internet section, you may be asking yourself “but where is the Netflix?” Read more