With all the wireless technology available on the market today. Wires are quickly going out of style. You can use the wireless features of you mobile device in ways you never have dreamed of before. Imagine you are finishing up the day at work, and before you start driving home you pull out your iPhone and with the touch of a button start the heater on your hot-tub. On your way home, you receive a text notification that someone has entered your house, so you pull over to check out what’s going on, and with your mobile Security Camera viewer you can see who it is. It’s okay, it’s only your wife. She usually gets home before you do.  You finally arrive home, the door is locked and the front porch light is off for some reason. But it’s okay, you can turn it on using your mobile lighting control app. You enter the house and all you can think about is getting some music on the stereo and sitting in your relaxing hot-tub which has been heating up since you left your office. You pull out your phone and open up Pandora and start your favorite station, you can only hear it on your iPhone at the moment so you open up your Harmony app and press a button that turns on your whole house stereo system and the music begins to play on the outdoor patio speakers, it’s too loud though so you adjust the volume from your phone. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy some good music, and good company in your hot tub, all within minutes of arriving home.